Collaborative School Committee

The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) brings together staff, family members, and community members to create and implement a plan to promote high achievement and a strong school culture.
Our Collaborative School Committee meetings are open to everyone. We welcome parents, staff, and community members to attend. CSC meetings are held the 1st Monday of every month from 04:30-5:30 pm. Meetings are virtual. Click here to connect.

CSC Minutes English

CSC duties include:

  • Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) – Review the school’s achievement data, define goals and strategies to drive continued growth and improvement in school performance.
  • Staffing Allocations – Assist the principal by making recommendations concerning the use of the staffing allocations provided to the school by the Board of Education.
  • Annual School Budget – Review and approve the annual school budget according to district guidelines that supports the objectives of the UIP
    Calendar and/or Schedule – Making recommendations related to achieving school goals.
  • Academic Issues (including related policies and procedures) – Gather input from parents, teachers, and community members, discuss and make recommendations on academic issues as appropriate

The CSC will not:

  • Participate in the day-to-day operations of the school.
  • Be involved in issues relating to individuals (staff, students, or parents) within the school.
  • Be involved in personnel issues (School Personnel Committee will stand alone in the current DPS/DCTA contract).

Additional information about the purpose and scope of the CSC is available on the DPS Family and Community Engagement website.