Message from the Principal

New Year’s Resolutions

Dear Families,

Happy New Year! The traditional New Year is filled with resolutions. Resolutions are promises filled with potential and positives, not pitfalls and perils. There is so much to look forward to in 2016! As we begin the second half of the school year, we would like to share some of our own resolutions that, with your help, will help to improve your child’s academic achievement and continue to help Garden Place grow and thrive.

1) Improved Attendance and Punctuality
We would like to thank all of our parents who bring their child to school every day and on time, but for our school as a whole, we need to do better. Parents, one of the most important things your child can do to achieve academic success is also one of the most basic: going to school, on time, every day. In fact, research has shown that your child’s attendance record may be the biggest factor influencing his or her academic success. It is also important that students are at school from the time school begins at 8:30 until the very last minute, 3:30pm. When students miss even portions of a school day, they are missing valuable learning opportunities.

2) Promotion of Healthy Eating and Active Living
The research is clear: eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise helps your child do their best thinking and learning! This is why we do not allow big bags of chips (larger than snack size), candy, and sugary sodas at school. You can help us to provide the best education for your child, by making sure that your child eats a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and has the opportunity to exercise every day through a sports team or play time outside.

3) Home and School Partnerships
At Garden Place, we believe that partnership between home and school is pivotal to your child’s success. Schools with high levels of parent involvement have been shown to have higher student achievement, more positive behavior and greater student success in later years. There are several ways to get involved: volunteer in your child’s classroom, in the library, or on the playground, etc., attend the meetings with the Principal every fourth Friday of the month at 9am (Donuts and Coffee meetings) and/or join one of our committees such as the Family Engagement Committee or CSC committee meetings that are held once a month. If interested, you can also become a parent ambassador for your child’s classroom All of these opportunities, and more, will help keep you informed and provide opportunities for shared decision making in helping Garden Place to continue to move forward.

Moving into the New Year also provides reflection on the wonderful things in our lives and the people who are contributors to that wonder. We thank you for sharing your children with us and for entrusting us to ensure that they acquire the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their dreams.

Rebecca Salomon