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A Public Traditional and Montessori school


Garden Place Academy has an ongoing commitment to student success. Our dedicated and passionate staff always put students first, and we will work with your family to ensure that your student receives an outstanding education. Garden Place Academy is proud to be designated GREEN, meaning that the school meets district expectations and has a proven record of student growth.

NEW PROGRAM! Garden Place Academy Montessori Program
Garden Place Academy will implement a Montessori program in the 2017-18 school year. Montessori is a time-honored, research-based system that has been internationally successful for over 100 years. The foundations of a Montessori program include self-motivated, hands-on learning and specialized materials and learning methods.

Garden Place Academy Traditional Program
In our traditional program, we are committed to providing our students with a rigorous academic experience while also striving to cultivate an environment that brings learning to life and allows students to discover their interests, strengths and aspirations. At Garden Place, we implement a literacy and math workshop methodology that provides whole group, small group and personalized learning opportunities for all of our students. Our traditional program offers Transitional Native Language Instruction (TNLI) program for students whose first language in Spanish. The TNLI program allows students to build a solid foundation in literacy and math in their first language while transitioning to English classrooms with the help of talented bilingual staff. In doing this, Garden Place students become bicultural, and many become bilingual and biliterate.

Please select Garden Place Academy on your SchoolChoice form to apply to either our Traditional or Montessori program. Once your student is enrolled at Garden Place, you will be able to choose to enroll your student in either program. Call us with questions at 720-424-7220 or visit to apply online.